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Mission, vision and policy


The Superintendence of Companies is committed to implementing a Comprehensive Management System (CMS) to help anticipate and prevent crisis in businesses and timely assist insolvency in the real sector, through socially responsible management built on the following: 


  • Establishing equal and fair relations with users, suppliers, and citizens through communication channels that allow interaction to improve user satisfaction.


  • Safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality and availability of procedures as well as information assets, by managing risk, incidents, business continuity and organizational culture.


  • Guaranteeing the necessary resources to implement and operate de CMS as well as maintaining the infrastructures.


  • Supporting and promoting different activities oriented towards environmental sustainability. Upholding legal requirements, control, mitigation and prevention of environmental impact, through sustainable management of processes, efficient use of resources and promoting good environmental practices.


  • Safeguarding the respect for human rights and non-discriminatory practices.


  • Assuring the development of staff skills to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of procedures.


All of these carried out in compliance of governing rules, ethically, and transparently.