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E-Course on Transnational Bribery
Información detallada de la Delegatura de Asuntos Económicos y Contables


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E-learning course introduction on Transnational Bribery


The Superintendency of Corporations in line with its commitment to fighting against transnational bribery created the following e-learning course, which seeks to encourage a culture of transparency geared to corporations and non-profit entities with the aim of promoting the adoption of transparency and business ethics programs that lead the celebration of businesses in accordance to the law, in a transparent, honest manner and complying with the highest ethical standards.

This course will have a basic and theoretical approach. The student that chooses to undergo this e-learning course will have the opportunity to consult the multimedia material offered by the Entity and will be able to put into practice the acquired knowledge by submitting an online assessment.

Lastly whoever takes the course will have the required tools to identify and report alleged transnational bribery behaviours.